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Christmas Stockings 2008

Carmelite Monastery Naga City, Philippines - In 1964, we had to borrow money from the bank to start the construction of our Chapel and the unfinished part of the monastery so we had to do some fund drives, to prepare for our payments to the bank once a year. One of the sisters proposed to cut out a stocking from a piece of paper with the inscription: "Will you fill my little stocking to build my Bethlehem?" signed, "Jesus". We enclosed in an envelope and mailed to our benefactors and friends. Thank God, it brought a very good response. Many responded favorably. So the following year, we improved it and again, one of the sisters suggested a better way. We sewed a real stocking, the same size and sent a card with it, for the kind donor to insert their offering inside the small stocking, large enough to fit in a check or money order. This delighted little children that they were excited putting in their little contributions. Click for more info


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